Redmond Barrens


Redmond Barrens

Probably the shittiest place to exist in all the Seattle, unless your looking to make it as a runner. The quality of life is shit, the people are poor, and the crime rate is higher then the employment rate, but that breeds shady individuals. and shady individuals breeds work for aspiring runners. Here’s so you know your way around.

Town Center

Redmond Hills

Metroplex plus Apartments

Redmond Tenements

Troll Jim’s

Knight Errand Precinct

Gremlin Groceries

Redmond Church of Christ

Redmond Park

Executive Attachments

Redmond Hospital

Redmond Free Clinic

Glow City

Warehouse District

Bullet Joe’s Gun Emporium

Renraku Factory

Construction site

Novelty Hill Sleep and Eat

Life Eez Appliances

Renraku Factory

Redmond Barrens

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